Raudel H Arteaga, Founder of GOVRN started his journey with his love of sneakers and the need to preserve them. Raudel started with restorations and soon found his desire to design and make 1 of 1 sneakers by combining different models was what sparked his creativity, thus GOVRN was born. GOVRN then worked with clients to bring their concepts to reality that would reflect their style and athletic needs. 

    Clients who desire a 1 of 1 sneaker collaborate with GOVRN who use his cobbler skills to alter uppers with new materials, custom paint / dye sneakers, custom brand sneakers, and change the sole and upper on sneakers.

Athletes who collaborate with GOVRN not only to bring a design to life, but also achieve a specific athletic function to their creation. Runners send their favorite running shoes that may have the best ankle support, materials, and lacing system, but have their sole changed to a more responsive, cushioned, or neutral running sole. Golfers convert some of their favorite sneakers by having the sole changed to non spike, or replaceable spiked golf soles. Truly hitting the course in style. Football and Baseball players collaborate with GOVRN by having their sneaker soles changed out with turf soles, molded cleat soles, or metal cleat soles. Even bowlers and can have their sneaker soles switched out with bowling soles. 

No matter the concept, the attention to the craft and quality is  meant to reflect that of respected sneaker brands and are made to the same functionality.

So if you have a concept please feel free to contact us, we look forward to creating together.

Here to create with the sneaker community.